Nanny Holiday Review Exchange

The holiday season is upon us and if you are a giver like me, you are have probably already spent double of your budget on gifts and still  feels you haven’t bought a gift to everyone you would like to gift!holiday breakfast club

About a month ago, I came up with this idea following a post discussion in one of the nanny Facebook groups I belong. It was about Linked In and I was surprised to learn that there are people who *sell* professional reviews. I personally don‘t think that is the way to go and it would go against my beliefs, so I thought I would try this in my local Nanny Breakfast group, since we do know a lot of each other,  and we could participate on an “review/recommendation exchange” Give one, get one!

I was going to say either on Linked In or Care BUT,
I know for a fact reviews sent on Care by other nannies who have an account will NOT be posted. I had written a ginormous review to a very good nanny friend of mine at one point and spent hours (seriously) on the phone with a representative trying to get that back at least, because I hadn’t’ saved it, but it was useless and I wasn’t able to retrieve it. So, I think Linked In is safer (and we are trying to keep it professional, right?).

I hope you are all excited as I am about this! I figure this is not only a token of appreciation and recognition for what each of us have done, but it is something that will reflect our colleagues expertise, knowledge, passion and commitment to their work. It will be on their profile for future employers and it will be a plus when they go on their next job hunt.

So, here is how it works:

I know I said we are doing a give one, get one, but truly, I would love people to do it kindly and with open heart, not really out of obligation. I am committed to write to 5 people (it’s in the making forever) and of course I would love to get one from them back, but I won’t bitch out if I don’t. Let’s just enjoy the spirit of giving in a way that will go further than materialistic gifts. Think of what you know about your fellow nanny, times and events you’ve attended  or projects you’ve worked together. How they portray themselves in social media and in our community, in general. What you have learned from them, or how they’ve helped you in the past.

There are no limits to how many reviews you can write and or receive. Only thing I would like to stress is that you make an attempt to make it personal (so, don’t go on a copy & paste spree).  If you don’t know many nannies in the group, this is a great opportunity to get chatty and get to know more about them 🙂  And join us for the upcoming breakfasts!


So, yeah, I am actually giving away prizes for this 😀  So, I will put together a moderate prize basket for the person who gets more reviews and a grand basket to the one who gives more reviews!  This will run from December 15th 2015 until January 17th, 2016 (For the sake of the prizes… you can definitely continue to review/recommend the awesome nannies crossing your way at any given time 🙂 )

To participate:

  • Have a LinkedIn profile! *
  • Be a member of The Nanny Breakfast Club
  • Keep track of the reviews you give and get, so you can submit proof for the prize by January 22nd! Winners will be announced on January 25th!

*If you don’t have one yet, don’t freak out! You can always create one for free and connect with us. I will be offering a workshop on it between Dec28-30th, I just need to find a place to host! If not, I will try to do one online!)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via comments on this post, FacebookLinkedIn , Twitter, or e-mail me at !

Happy giving!


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