National Nanny Training Day 2016!


The time of the year has come, where we get to meet, socialize and network with nannies in our area on top of showering ourselves with knowledge and learning about the latest trends, researches and practices to keep up with high standards in childcare.

I am super excited to be involved with the planning for the Metrowest event, here in Massachusetts and I am happy to share we got some AMAZING speakers! And you know they are amazing because, well, I hand picked them and you all know my standards are hiiiiiigh 🙂

Our keynote speaker is SUPER fun, energetic and interactive. He will make us laugh while at the same time, teach us a whole lot of things to do with our charges. And next time you see him on a birthday party or school event, you can thank him for making you a little “awesomer” 🙂

Another excellent speaker we have will give you the best pep talk you’ve ever heard in your life!!!! She will talk about mental wellness and self confidence and I know she has adapted her workshop (which she gives nationwide) to really talk about nannies and the challenges we face every now and then! I am also so looking forward to this one!

We will have some veteran experts who have already presented with us in the previous years and have always been a hit. Topics on child sleep, positive discipline, professionalism and work agreements just to name a few.

Once again I will be presenting and I look forward to one workshop in particular, that, will be a glance on a book I have been writing and will probably be out by Summer next year =) It’s about Infant and Toddlers development. But then you ask, what is so new about that?! Welllll, come and you will see 🙂

Lastly, but certainly not least, we are offering the INA Nanny Credential Exam at the end of the day!!!!!! Having this credential under your belt will do SOOOOOO much for you. GUARANTEED! Specially if you don’t have formal higher education. I tell you this, because I have seen the market and I have heard about what parents are asking. They want PROFESSIONALS and they want to know their nanny knows what she’s doing. The INA Nanny Credential Exam is the ONLY test and credential out there specific for nannies and will speak VOLUMES on your resume. 

I myself hadn’t taken until last Fall because I could never find a proctor (there are requirements) that was available and could work around my schedule, so of course I grabbed the chance when they offered at Nannypalooza last year. Also, because we are offering in a group setting, you are also getting a discount (and paying INA Member price!) AND you will be able to take the paper test, which is not even offered anymore (only computers). If you are interested,  e-mail me ASAP to get registered. There are a few requirements (you must have current CPR/First Aid certifications for example) and you must submit all the paperwork by the end of this Friday to be eligible to take the test with us! So, hurry!!!!!

Anyways, CLICK HERE to grab you tickets (oh and get your friends too, because, if you buy 4, you get 1 free!!!!) and I really look forward to see you all there!



nntd blue flyer




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