INA 2016 Conference Hangover

I hope I am not the only one who struggled to get out of bed this morning!For a few minutes I really thought it was not going to happen. Luckily, I soon remembered there was a two-year old that I had not seen in a few days and gosh, was I missing that pretty face!!!

It was an amazing couple of days in Washington, DC for INA’s 31st Annual Conference. This was my first time attending their conference, and I am happy to say, it surpassed my expectations =D

It was busy – as every conference I attend is – full of wonderful people and so much wisdom! This was the first time I did not have to “pick and choose” which workshopina montage to attend because, miraculous, none of the ones I really wanted to attend overlapped!

The hangover I am experience is mind blowing. Really! It is mind blowing in the sense that my mind is really working hard to process all the wonderful information I learned, and at the same time, it is exploding with ideas! It is an overwhelming but equally amazing feeling!

Being an introvert and naturally shy (yes, it is true, believe it or not!) I tend to have mild social anxiety and it can be a bit overwhelming when I attend large events when  “networking” and “social interactions” are  a big part of it. Thank goodness I was among some very loving and welcoming people, and it was a bliss to be there.

I will write more about the workshops, subjects and about the Nanny Of The Year award in upcoming posts, but for now, I just wanted to give a recap and tell the world how awesome it was and how much you missed if you didn’t attend :p

We will be in Chicago, IL about the same time next year, and I hope to see your pretty face over there!


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