Nannies are Awesome!


Ah, it has been a while, so please forgive me!

I just wanted to drop a note as we just celebrated NNRW last week! Regarding Nannies once again put out the lovely Nanny Notes of Appreciation and Matahari is out this week giving out carnations to nannies all around Boston!

I was fortunate enough to surprise a few nannies with some goodies and let them know how awesome and fundamental they are. But, of course, it was impossible to personally reach out to each and every one of you out there!

So, here is my sincere THANK YOU, along with a bubbly pep talk about how amazing is the job you do.

As I caught up with the presidential debate yesterday, I couldn’t refrain myself from analyzing Trump, hypothesizing about his early childhood experiences. See, I firmly believe, the fundamental formation of character lies in the early years. And that is why I am so, so, so proud of the work I (we) do.

I’ve never felt SO good, and SO proud, to know with 100% certainty that my charges will turn out to be kind, compassionate, citizens. I know they will have strong moral values,  Integrity. I know for a fact, that my care had a lot to do with how they turn out later in life. And, if something goes wrong, I know I would be the one questioning, just like I do on a regular basis: “Did I nurture them enough? Did I believe in them? Did I allow and helped them to grow and succeed in a healthy way? Did I let them struggle a bit, so they would learn to persevere? Did I make sure they understand resilience?”

Did I help them work on their manners? Waiting for their turn to speak? Respect others opinions while still able to voice their own?

See… yesterday I felt so good. I really did. I basically couldn’t wait to see “my”kids running for presidency!  They already make me SO proud!!!! And I wanted the world to see that! I wanted the world to realize that all of these poor adult behaviors, are “preventable”… well, ok,  I know, I live in a fairytale… but, bare with me 🙂  I do believe all of that goes back to childhood. It goes back to the people who surrounded them, to the messages they heard growing up. Someone THERE FOR THEM, connecting and redirecting. Engaging and teaching. Working together on the challenging things, still with love and affection.

I had a few teachable moments in my career that I am very, very proud of. One of them being “calling out” on an extreme smart cookie, letting them know yes, they were extremely smart, but that people are smart in very different ways. I remember having that conversation with a five year-old, talking about multiple intelligences, brainstorming and thinking of people we knew that we so smart in things that we didn’t know much about it. I still remember how different the kid was after that afternoon! I know that conversation had an impact, because that super smart kid, could have turned out to be to most arrogant person in the world, thinking they were the only smart person, or worst, thinking they were better than everyone else. [OK, I admit, it would take a lot more for that WONDERFUL child to derail but you get my point :p ]

That was just one of many experiences I, and many of you, nannies and parents out there have! We know this. We already know for a fact how much the early years matter, and why are we not doing much about it, eh?

Well, we, nannies, are! And that is why we have a full week to celebrate you! THANK YOU for being such a positive influence on our children’s lives! ❤

Keep on being awesome by changing the world one diaper and cheese string at a time!



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