Nanny Holiday Ball

Seasons Greetings!

Last week we had an AH-MAZING trip to the Big Apple to celebrate #nannyh
ood ! Our dearest Alene Mathurin from My Nanny Circle hosted the Annual Nanny Holiday Ball in Brooklyn.

It was a great opportunity to meet old friends and celebrate our work. Mr. Awesome and Inannyball headed to NYC on Friday and our dear friend Devon joined us the next day. Later, my CozyKin partner Hari also joined us and we all had an amazing evening of dancing, eating and drinking.

Finally got to meet Candi, aka, The Funny Nanny – who shared a great speech, btw – as well as meet old colleagues and friends: Tonya from Newborn Care Solutions and another celebrity nanny, our current Nanny of the Year, Helen MacCarthy, who flew from the UK to join the party!

We attempted to do a live stream for a bit with NDR but our connection wasn’t really up for it. Sorry! But we really hope you get to join us next year, because we surely will be there! Mark on your calendars: December 9th, 2017!



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