Walking the Talk

I had the privilege of attending the opening night the MA Conference for Women and instead of simply writing another FB post about it, I thought I would come here and expand on my thoughts!

I’ve been teaching nannies and parents for a few years, but it wasn’t until I launched CARETHATYCS that I have really been consistent with the classes. We are about to wrap up the first semester of The Ninja Nanny Educational Series and I am very proud to say I got great feedback, not only from the classes but from plenty of nannies who have taken the #ProfessionalNannyChallenge a few weeks ago.

During the challenge – and classes – I have talked about LinkedIn and the importance of professionalism, focusing on presenting yourself. Last night, I had an amazing reassuring moment, when I decided to take on some 1-1 coaching and LinkedIn profilesassessment. Not that I was doubting my skills but to show my students that no one is beyond getting better. I know and preach this! Everything I teach, I make sure that, not only have I gone through it first, but I have succeeded and more importantly, gained RESULTS!

The reviewer of my Linked In profile was so impressed on how I had made such an impression with the title of “just a” nanny that he actually called a colleague to check it out! True story!  Of course, they still gave me tips for engagement and a few keywords to include, but mostly, what I got out of it, was that I was able to create a “powerful” profile on a “less than noticing” field.

It was a packed night, with amazing motivating speeches from amazing leaders – including the one and only Gloria Steinem – but I also took advantage of all of the professional coachings they were offering, including the ones I myself offer to my students. And as I result, I gained more #ConfidenceEvidence to add to my file!

Here is the point I want to make – if that’s what you’re waiting for:

I am not at the place where I am today, thinking that I’ve somehow reached up to the top of the ladder and all I have to do now is to get people to climb.

As an educator, I know there is no end to learning and professional growth and you can count on me to be on top of whatever I choose to teach. I’ve got the formal education background, the experience, the unconventional education, the credentials and, most importantly, the lessons from the journey that I still take.

I was telling my story and realize I want to teach these things because I don’t want people to take years to go through them like I did. They don’t need to make the same mistakes, pay hundreds of thousands and break blood and sweat to get to where I am. I can help you get to a better place in your career skipping a number of detours from one-way streets, road bumps, empty destinations 🙂

Finally, it also not about being where I am today and wanting everyone to be like me. It’s about wanting everyone to be better than they already are – including me. I don’t want to see “my nannies” do just as good as me. I want them to be better. I want them to be better. And I want to keep on getting better so you guys can have a run for your money 🙂

Here, to your awesomeness, pretty people!




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