About Thaty

Nanny Thaty Circa 1986
Nanny Thaty Circa 1986

Tatiane Dias de Oliveira, Ed. M. (a.k.a. Nanny Thaty) is a Career Nanny and Childcare Specialist in the Boston area, working with children for over 17 years. Thaty specializes in working with first time parents and their newborns, providing positive encouragement and guidance to new parents while nurturing and fostering the healthy development of their babies. Thaty is also involved in various projects in the care industry and is the founder and facilitator of the Massachusetts Nanny Breakfast Club and one of the hosts of NDR – National Domestic Radio.

Thaty currently holds a B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies (majoring in Early Childhood Education) and a M.Ed. in ESL/Bilingual Education. Thaty is also a certified Doula, Happiest Baby on The Block and Newborn Care Specialist. She is currently pursuing a Master of Management in Human Leadership and Organizational Dynamics in order to develop her coaching and consulting skills hoping to bridge this degree with the other leadership/coaching courses she has completed and better mentor parents and fellow nannies.


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