Course History

Below, you will find college/graduate classes Thaty has completed. For all other childcare training and certifications, click here or visit for more details

Master of Management: Leadership in Human and Organizational Dynamics – ‘2016

Foundations of Management

Introductory Seminar

Management Seminar I:  Self- Diagnosis and Goal Setting

Human Resource Management

Organizational Environment

Management Seminar II: The Manager as Team Developer and Leader

Models of Leadership

Introduction to Organizational Coaching

Management Seminar III: Continuous Improvement, Lifelong Learning and Development

Research Methods for Managers

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Consulting Skills for Managers

Management Seminar IV: Current Issues in Management

Organization Development

Independent Learning Project: HR for the Household

Master of Education in English as a Second Language ‘2013

Teaching ESL Learners in Diverse Classrooms

Teaching Reading and Writing to ESL Learners

Professional Seminar I: Teaching English

Equitable Assessment for ESL Learners

Second Language Acquisition and Culture

Identification and Instruction of

Linguistics and Language Variations

Sheltered Instruction and Assessment

Teaching Content to ESL Learners

Technology for Linguistically Diverse

Professional Seminar II: Teaching

Independent Learning Project:

Bachelors of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies – Education Major ‘2009

Foundations of Critical Thinking

Literature for Children

Principles and Processes of Adult Learning

College Writing I and II

Creating Effective & Positive Learning Environment

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Education

Strategies for Teaching

Communicating Mathematics

Classroom Management and Discipline

Successful Inclusion in the Classroom

Multidisciplinary Studies Capstone:

Introduction to Computer Applications

Language, Art and Music for Children

Teaching Math in the Elementary Grades

Integrated Language Arts & Reading

Bachelors of Arts in Language and Literature – ‘2006

Antropology and Education

Portuguese Language Arts

Philosophical Fundamentals of Education

Sociological Fundamentals of Education

Historical Fundamentals of Education

Teaching Practice 1

Pedagog Basis of School Work

Education and Information Technologies

Research and Pedagogic Practice I

Scientific Methods and Intro to Research

Inductive Statistics

Research methods

Descriptive Statistics

Teaching Practice – English

Teaching Internship and Extracurriculum Activities

Brazilian Literature: Realism

Philosophy of Science

Prose Theory

Brazilian Literature: Colony/Romanticism

Theory of Lyric

Integrated Language Arts and Literature

General Linguistics

Applied Grammar – Portuguese


Developmental Psychology

Internship and Complement Activity II

Theories of Text

Teaching Practice – English

Applied grammar – English


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